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Application Detail


» Tracability  


NT-1 is an Active RFID Tag that contains 512 Bits of standard EPC Global Class 1 Gen 2 formatted data storage capacity, thus enabling traceability process in compliant with international standards.


In order to facilitate lower initial investment costs, NEO shall provide a web-based Online Temperature Trace Management service to customers at no extra charge. The service offers data analysis report that allow for quick and easy comparison of transportation quality and standard Tracebility system.

How RFID can ensure food storage temperature?

System components

1. NEO tag

Neo tag is RFID (Radio frequency identification) tag which can contain item information and able to read temperature of environment surrounding to alarm and record value with date-time when temperature is higher or lower than limits. With RFID built-in, NEO tag can communicate with RFID Reader by radio frequency (same as home television) in short range without any contact and even obstruct by enclosure, box, water or dirtiness.


2. NEORead

NEORead is RFID reader that use to communicate with NEOtag. NEORead has 2 types for different application, station type and mobile type. For station type, user need to have mobile phone or computer connect with reader to upload data in internet. For mobile type, it will have WIFI built-in so reader will automatic upload data to NEOtrace directly ,without additional devices.


3. NEOconnect

NEOconnect is a user interface program to communicate with NEOtag through NEOread. Customer uses NEOconnect to read or write the NEOtag and upload data to NEOtrace web service by internet. NEOconect has 2 versions for Desktop computer (Windows XP or better) and mobile telephone. (Windows mobile 5 or better). NEO also provide “Free driver” for any software developer to want to connect their software to our system.


4. NEOTrace

NEOTrace is on-line web service which installs in our web server. It works as exchange data center and historical storage service for our clients. NEOTrace will support automatic alarm by SMS and email, GPS location tracking and many historical useful reports.


How does NeoTrace System work?



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