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NT-1 RFID temperature logger

Application Detail


» NT-1 RFID temperature logger 


NT-1 is the low-cost contactless temperature logger. It’s the combination between temperature logger and RFID logistic tag. The customer can use NT-1 to ensure storage temperature and also keep product information and identify for item tracking.


NEO tag

Neo tag is RFID (Radio frequency identification) tag which can contain item information and able to read temperature of environment surrounding to keep inside the tag when temperature is higher or lower than limits.

With RFID built-in, NEO tag can communicate with NEO Read by radio frequency (same as home television) in short range without any contact and even obstruct by enclosure, box, water or dirtiness.



NEORead is RFID reader that use to communicate with NEOtag. NEORead has 2 types for different application, station type and mobile type. For station type, user need to have mobile phone or computer connect with reader to upload data in internet. For mobile type, it will have WIFI built-in so reader will automatic upload data to NEOtrace directly ,without additional devices.


Temperature Logger

Changes in ambient temperatures, even for a short period of time, might accelerate quality deterioration to different types of products. The NT-1 can be programmed to detect and record temperature breaches of both High Limit and Low Limit thresholds. With accurate date and time for each record, fault analysis can be processed quickly.


Contactless communication

NT-1 uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) communication technology, whereby allowing transfer of the recorded data through sealed, wet, dirty and hard-to-reach containers.


Low Frequency

Communicating with Electro-Magnetic Coupling technique at Low Frequency (125kHz), NT-1 operations are intrinsically safe for foods and live animals. With reactive mode of communication, the device is also safe to board all kinds of aircraft.


Wide-range Temperature

NT-1 can operates at temperature as low as -25C and as high as 50C, with configurable Alarms for both High Limit and Low Limit; thus suitable for a wide variety of applications.


Compact size

At the standard credit-card size, NT-1 can be easily attached to most types of containers.


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