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Energy saving lamp

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»Energy saving lamp


T5 fluorescent lamp

LED lighting

Compact Fluorescent Sprial Lamp (New)




T5 fluorescent lamp




-T5 fluorescent lamp is the most energy efficent compact fluorescent lamp. Because of its small size, it can save 40% more energy than T8 fluorescent lamp.


-T5 fluorescent lamp came from the cooperation between LKS  and Electrical Generating Authority of Thailand(EGAT) in manufacturing energy efficient product to save energy as well to campaign on global warming mittigation.


-With latest technology, T5 fluorescent lamp is smaller. Besides its capacity in saving energy, it gives more brightness than T8 compact fluorescent lamp.


-Leckise T5 fluorescent lamp is the only band in Thailand that was granted Energy Label No.5 assurance from the Electrical Gernerating Authority of Thailand -It recive ISO 9001:2000 from the Inter national Origization for Standardization for quality management system and Iso 14001:2004 forenvironmental management


-T5 fluorescent lamp is manufactured in Thailandand 100% owned by Thai people


- T5 fluorescent has reflector that can better reflect light -There are several types of lamps and suit all purposes




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