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Energy sector


» Instant power supply (IPS)


IPS is the power back-up system for continuous power supply during the failure of main power grid line. Our IPS is very reliable, high efficiency with European standard design.


Range is available from 800 VA to 1500 KVA for 120 minutes backup time


In additional than market product, you can add on solar PV system into it and use for both functions, back-up and power generation.

RFID Tracking



» Solar IPS and Solar home system


Solar energy is renewable energy that never been empty. For Asia countries, who has sunshine in one side and power cut problem in other side, our solar system can work as IPS system or individual power generation for rural area.


Our product is completed system and we have free service for system design


Range is available from 600 VA to 1500 KVA.

RFID Tracking



»Energy saving lamp


RFID Tracking




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